June 25th, 2013
blev GocartGallery inbjuden att deltaga i projektet webSite-Projektet "THE NAKED".

INSIDE STORIES by Mona Malmström, curator/artist
Some things are mostly kept within. What reaches the outside world is filtered by matter, space and time, and interpreted by the experience of the observer. Inside stories are by nature mostly ambiguous and some remain secrets untold.
Living isolated can with time create an illusory experience where the outside world suddenly becomes a mirror of ones inner world. Ones outlook becomes inseparable from ones internal representation of reality.
“Insula” is the Latin origin of “island” and “isolation”. Gotland is situated in the Baltic Sea, isolated by water. The experience of our separated self emerges through the “insular cortex” of the brain. The isolated earth is suspended in infinite space.
The local perspective and the global within, inside stories told by three artists that live or have lived on Gotland.

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